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About us

As the saying goes,
Life is a journey.

Along this journey, we are always working to achieve many goals. These could be personal, family, business, or community app for goals setting.

An individual’s experience and background make their journey unique. We are a working couple based in New Hampshire, US. We have personally experienced many such journeys such as losing weight, starting a family, finding a job, buying a house, changing career, going on vacations, etc.

About Us
features as


Dreams that are not tuned into actionable goals will remain as dreams. Goalore helps you to create goals and manage the journey of achieving that goal in a simple, easy to use application.


Create and manage individual and community goals from a simple dashboard. Keep your goals private or make them public when you are ready. There are no limits to the number of goals that you can create within Goalore.


Customize your goals with milestones to achieve along the way. Your followers get an alert when you post a milestone.


Identify known and unexpected challenges that come up along the way to achieving your goals. Your followers get an alert when you post a challenge.


Your followers can provide points of view to achieve your goals, milestones, and overcome challenges. Get alerted when someone posts a point of view to your goal.


Form alliances with your friends to work on common goals together. You can form public alliances for anyone to join or keep them private and invite your connections to join your alliance.


Invite your friends to join Goalore and connect with them. Get alerts when your connections start a public goal.


Archive goals and alliances that you have completed or no longer important to keep your dashboard organized and remove clutter. Access your archived goals and alliances for reference at any time.


Goalore provides a simple and easy app to create and track your goals. Track all your personal, family, professional, and community goals in a simple, easy to use app. Customize your goal by adding milestones for your unique journey. Track challenges to overcome for your goal.

How It Works


Manage your individual and community goals from a single dashboard. Customize your goals with milestones and challenges.


Manage your private and public alliances from a single dashboard. Collaborate with your friends to achieve common goals.


Invite friends to join Goalore. Connect with them to work on common goals


Earn good deed points by supporting your friends to achiever their goals, and inspiring them by completing your goals.


Apps for anywhere.

Goalore is simple and easy to use app for managing your goals. You can customize your goals with milestones and challenges. You can keep your goals private or make them public when you are ready to share. Connect with your friends and get alerted they start a public goal. You can form alliances with friends to collaborate on common goals. Get reminders on upcoming goals, milestones, and challenges. Receive alerts when followers provide points of view to help your goals.

Goalore iOS and Android mobile app is available on the Apple app store and Google play store. They are 100% free to download and use. Setup is a breeze taking a minute to join and start using Goalore. Download today and take charge of your goals today!

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