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A New Beginning

By most accounts, 2020 has been a challenging year. The pandemic impacted all aspects of our personal, professional, and community lives. On a personal level, we had to endure weeks/months of lockdowns, restricted to our homes, not able to meet parents, relatives, and friends in person. Professionally, many lost their jobs, some endured furloughs, and pay cuts. Those with jobs were asked to work from home, without any in-person contact with coworkers. Socially, our kids were not able to attend school and meet/play with friends, and we were not able to have any normal social events such as family get togethers or birthday parties. Most heart breaking of all, some were not even able to say a proper goodbye to their lost loved ones. 

With the arrival of the much-anticipated vaccines, there is a lot of hope that normalcy should return to our lives in late spring/summer of 2021. The pandemic has changed a lot of things on a permanent basis, so it is important for us to take some time to self-reflect, set goals to help us get ready when things get back to normal. Here are some key goals for consideration.

  • Friends & Family: Plan to meet up with your near and dear ones to catch up on in-person relationships. Be flexible as your timeline and your friends may not immediately sync up as they may be dealing with other things in their lives.
  • Vacation/Travel:  With restrictions lifted, a lot of families will be traveling in 2021. It will be prudent to not rush your travel. Plan to travel in such a way where it is occurring later in 2021 with flexibility to change dates. Road Trips are a better option where you are in direct control of the travel.
  • Wellness: We have learned to cook and eat at home. Walked, ran, and cycled outdoors to keep fit. Many even got a pet to bring cheer to our lives. These are good habits that we should continue to prioritize and not lose when we get back to normal.
  • Working from home: Many companies are making work from home to be part of the regular work routine. Make plans to meet in person to build/nurture your working relationship with your team, boss, and peers where possible. It is still important for your day-to-day work life and career progression.
  • Back to School/Kids: Kids must get back into schedule to go to school every day. After more than a year at home, kids may have developed a new routine. When school opens back, slowly ease the kids into the school routine. Plan for play dates/ summer parties to get kids and their friends together to kick start their in-person friendships.
  • Savings: In the pandemic, many spending opportunities like eating out, travel and entertainment, commuting and other expenses were restricted. As a result, many were able to save more. This is one habit that would be good to keep it going and set new goals for saving.

As you read the above goals, it may spur additional goals in your mind. Note them down, track it, and have a plan to achieve it.  Wishing you a happy, healthy, and successful 2021!