Dear Users, We are sad to announce Goalore is closing down. The app will be available until end of May. Please plan accordingly. Thank you for your support

About Us

As the saying goes, Life is a journey.

Along this journey, we are always working to achieve many goals. These could be personal, family, business, or community app for goals setting. An individual’s experience and background make their journey unique.

We are a working couple based in New Hampshire, US. We have personally experienced many such journeys such as losing weight, starting a family, finding a job, buying a house, changing career, going on vacations, etc. We had always wondered what if there was some place to share these experiences, learn from each other to maximize success and avoid mistakes.

We founded Goalore as a free community for members to manage their goals and to work with other members on common goals. With members sharing their individual journey of milestones and challenges along the way, our hope is that friends and family we are connected to, are able to learn from such experiences, cheer us with encouragement, contribute any wisdom to avoid mistakes. These inspiring journeys could also act as a catalyst for some to think about goals that they may have considered as out of reach for them.

Founded in 2018, Goalore is a registered Delaware corporation in the US.

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