Being with friends and family is a lot of fun. We have a lot of things in common, spend a significant part of our daily life, sharing aspirations and challenges with them. Friends and family roll up their sleeves to support us in our time of need and we would do the same for them. We cheer up remembering many fond memories of friendship and create new ones every day. Close friends also don’t hesitate to offer honest and transparent feedback/wisdom to help us – as they are uniquely positioned to do so without offending us.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, friends and family are constantly working with us on many of our goals. This could be planning for a get-together, the next family vacation, changing careers, losing weight, buying a house, or supporting a charity. Based on the goals, this collaboration could be short term with fewer friends/family or longer-term with many. If the goal is a big one, we may want to break it into smaller goals and with our friends/family owning some of the smaller goals. Together, one small goal completed by another, the larger goal is achieved. Working with other close friends/family make the journey pleasurable, providing a sense of purpose, achievement, satisfaction, and further strengthening our bond.

Within Goalore, the alliance feature enables this collaboration between two or more members to work together to achieve a large goal. All Goalore members can create alliances. Alliances can be public alliances or private alliances.

Public Alliances: These alliances are open to anyone to view and join the alliance. Examples of public alliances: Fundraise for a new school program, Advocate for government policy (climate, safety, freedom, etc.)

Private Alliances: These alliances are only visible to the alliance members. Members can join the alliance only with an invitation. Examples of private alliances: Lose weightstart a new business, organizing a family reunion, planning a family event, etc.

The following features help to manage the alliance.

Alliance Members: Members can be Admins or non-admin members. Admins can invite other Goalore members who are connected to them to join the alliance. For public alliances, anyone can join the alliance without invitation. Typically, members who are in a similar goal journey or members interested in the community are good candidates for joining the alliance. They can be regular members within the alliance or admin members of the alliance.

Alliance Goals: Any member of the alliance can link a goal that is relevant to the alliance objectives. These could be public goals or private goals. Admins can remove a linked goal in addition to linking a goal. Everyone within the alliance can view and follow the alliance goals. With this feature, we can break a large alliance goal/objective into smaller goals that each alliance member can own and achieve.

Alliance Actions: With this feature, we could track specific actions to manage the alliance. This could be small tasks such as getting an opinion on a topic, asking the admin to invite another friend or asking if someone can start an alliance goal to address a gap.

Join Goalore and start using the alliance feature to achieve your goals by collaborating with other like-minded Goalore members.