Balance in Life – Starts with a pie

Recently a friend of mine who is a certified Life Coach introduced me to the Pie of life concept.  Though the concept has been around for long, I have never done this exercise before. I decided to take up the opportunity and make the time to come up with my pie.

First order of business was to come up with a list of categories that I wanted in my life pie to represent my true values and priorities. I considered several options – Health, Finance, Relationships, Social life, Spirituality, Career, Recreation, Exercise, Travel, Happiness, Physical surroundings etc. and picked 6 to represent my life. I made a circle to represent my pie , created 6 slices and marked them with the 6 categories. Now my pie was ready for rating.

Balance in Life
Life is a pie

The challenge with rating is to be completely honest. I thought about how fulfilled I am in each of the areas. The pie’s outer edge represents complete satisfaction and the center of the circle, complete dissatisfaction. I placed a dot on the line within each category and then at the end of the exercise connected the dots to see my circle of life. The circle showed me areas where I am off kilter.

This was such a simple exercise to identify imbalances. Helped me think about where I want to spend more of my energy. Take a moment to sketch a pie for yourself. Determine where you want to spend more time and energy to create balance and set goals to reach them. Start your journey to a balanced life by setting yourself goals.