Goal Tracker with Friends

Goals require a plan, effort, and daily progress to achieve the results. Often, friends and family become an important support group in our lives. We enjoy spending time with our friends and family. We share many things in common with them. They are the first ones we reach out to during our difficult times and joyous ones. By engaging them in our goal journey, we stay accountable, motivated, benefit from their experiences, and make the goal achievement more worthwhile.

Goals can be personal, community-related, or business. For every goal you set, you can choose to keep it private, share them with your support group, or collaborate with them in achieving your goal. A support group can cheer you with words of encouragement, provide solutions to your goal challenges, and based on their experience and exposure to the goal, can also provide you insights on how to achieve the goal. If you choose to collaborate on a goal,  a support group can do more than offer encouragement and sharing wisdom; if the goal requires many small goals to be completed, collaborators can also help achieve a subset of the goals. 

We may not realize the fact that we already depend on friends and family for some of our goals – Planning for a group vacation, a large family celebration, supporting a charity, changing careers, etc. Connecting with your friends and family on your goal journey makes the journey fun, provides additional sense of purpose, and satisfaction. In addition to this benefit, your goals have the power to inspire them to challenge themselves in the pursuit of their goals.  

Within Goalore, members can connect with other members to develop their support network for their goals.

The alliance feature enables collaboration between two or more members to work together to achieve a large goal. All Goalore members can create alliances. Alliances can be public alliances or private alliances.

Get started on your goals and connect with others – Motivate your friends by your actions and doings!