Good Deeds

We do good deeds everyday. We do this primarily to help family, friends, coworkers, and the community. Good deeds can be in many shapes – service, advice, monetary, or encouragement. Irrespective of the shape or size, good deeds create a positive impact. Often, a small and timely help in the shape of an advice or encouragement has a big impact on someone’s life than a monetary help. Most do not expect anything in return for the good deed.

At Goalore, we want to create a platform for members to help each other achieve their individual or community goals. The help can be a timely point of view, a solution to overcome a challenge; or perhaps you are in a similar journey and can provide wisdom to avoid pitfalls; or you are offering encouragement. These good deeds could motivate and inspire individuals and the community at large.

Within Goalore, we track these good deeds as “Good Deed Points”. The main reason we want to track “Good Deed Points” is to help members. If you are helping others, we want others to help you more. When members connected to you or general members are searching for goals, members with highest “Good Deed Points” are ranked higher – making it easier for members to follow your goal and help you.

You can earn “Good Deed Points” in the following ways.

  • When you join Goalore – we grant you some points as appreciation for your action to join the community.
  • Point of Views (POV) – Goal owners can rate your point of views.
  • Number of followers for your completed goals. This recognition is for inspiring other members within the Goalore community to follow and support your goal through completion.
  • Referring your friends and family to join Goalore to grow/support the community.

We are constantly looking for other ways to use “Good Deed Points”.  We hope you will find more opportunities to do good deeds at Goalore. Please join Goalore and let’s help each other to achieve our goals!