I want to help, but I can’t find the right time or avenue

We lead busy lives with our jobs, kids, pets, family, and friends. The day to day activities in addition to cyclical must dos such as taxes, home/auto care, and health events take a lot of our time. Anytime we get to ourselves feels like a luxury. Even with everything going on, many feel that they could give back more to the community. Helping others provides an additional sense of purpose and satisfaction. It strengthens our bond with our community. We also make new friends and contacts. Others learn from you and they, in turn, could start helping others.  

There are so many ways one can help like examples below.

  • Volunteering in the local school, library, or a community club/event
  • Fundraiser for a cause or help a friend
  • Help at animal shelters

If any of the above fits your passions and you can help, that is awesome!

Now the big question: Yes, we may have the resources, experience, and knowledge that could help someone in our community, but how can we contribute if we are not able to be there at the right time and place?

This is one of the key reasons why we created Goalore. Goalore helps you to decouple your help from your busy everyday life. You decide what, who, when, and how to engage and help. This could be in the form of following someone’s goal and providing your point of view to help them overcome a challenge. Or you can form an alliance where you are working together with others to advance a common goal. Guiding someone in the right direction, helping them avoid mistakes, showing the possibilities, encourage their progress, cheering them along their journey, all these make a big impact on others. Your point of view may seem simple to you but could change someone’s life.  We also hope that your act of kindness, your wisdom, and your achievements will inspire others to follow your example and they find ways to give back to the community.