Setting a Goal

We are familiar with monthly, quarterly or annual goals at our work. It is tracked, reviewed for progress and often one of the measures of success. Goals are the cornerstones to business growth and opportunity but when it’s time to look at our own personal growth and opportunity we often struggle to setup personal goals. Are we able to follow the same concept albeit in a simpler fashion when it comes to our personal goals?

5 Steps to a SMART personal goal:

A personal goal is a dream created and achieved by you. We all have heard of SMART goals in business context – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely Goals. Here is a similar take on the 5 steps to a S.M.A.R.T personal goal.

  • Set a specific goal that’s relevant

What do you want to achieve? Why is this goal important? When would you want to complete the goal? Who can help you with this goal?

  • Mark your Milestones

Once the goal is set, ask yourself “Where do I start? How does the journey look like? What are the milestones along the way?” Milestones are important events along the journey to achieving your goal. They help you track progress, bring clarity, and motivate you.

  • Assess your Challenges

Assess the challenges for your goal – training, time, money, support, etc. While you may not know all the challenges upfront, it is important to understand the known gaps to achieve the goal. Always remember, this is your goal and you have a responsibility to set yourself up for success. So be honest to self.

  • Reach out

It is now time to plan for your support system to help you achieve the goal. Are there friends or family who have achieved this goal before or in a similar journey? Can they help you? Reach out to them and talk about your goal. Garner their support and points of view.

  • Time to execute

Now that you have a clear goal, milestones along the way, known challenges, support system of friends and family, it is time to start your journey. Remember to celebrate the successful completion of milestones and overcoming challenges on your way to your goal.

Once you achieve your goal take a moment to enjoy your success and thank your supporters in this journey.