Trip Planning

For your next vacation you could be eyeing a local state park or a dream destination in U.S or Europe. No matter where you are going, all travel needs some planning. There are a blessed few who need no planning whatsoever to embark on their journey. But for the majority, a little bit planning goes a long way. Here is a list of key items when planning for trip.  

  • Destination – Start with the destination. You need to know where you are going to plan accordingly.
  • Dates – If you are trying to coordinate travel schedule for people located in multiple locations, you need to agree on the date. Come up with dates that will work for everyone and share it.
  • Budget – Figure out the budget.
  • Accommodation – Book your accommodation and travel accordingly.
  • Activities – Plan the list of activities to do at the destination.
  • Travel Documents – Find out if any special permit or visa is needed to visit the location.
  • Medical preparation – Is there any special medical evaluation needed for the visit? This has become critical in the Covid-19 days we are in.
  • Essentials – Make a list of essential like clothes, toiletries, medications,
  • Special Accessories – all special items such as wet suit, prescription swim goggles, and ever important selfie stick. Ask everyone in the group to add or update the list.
  • Pet care – Do not forget to plan for pet care well in advance of the trip.

All the above can be set up as goal milestones in Goalore. You could also create an alliance, share these goals with your family or friends and collaborate on completing the plan.

The group can complete the milestones and post any challenges as they come across them. Working together as a group can make your travel planning a fun event!