What is Goalore?

You are probably chasing a set of self, family, friends, or community related goals right now. Your goal may look similar to your friend’s goal, but everyone’s situation is different. Your personality, location, education, family, friends, community, health, gender, age, aspirations, struggles, and life experience make you unique and your goal journey unique. What is easy for you may be difficult for your friend (or the reverse).

Goalore is an open and free community helping individuals achieve their goals. Members can track their unique goal journey with milestones and challenges that come along the way. Other members can follow your goals and provide their points of view during your journey – share their experience in overcoming a challenge or provide new insights.

Within Goalore, you could keep your goals private or make them public. There are no restrictions to the number of goals that you can create . Your goal could be a big goal that helps a lot of people in the community or a small goal focused on your development. If you happen to find other members who may be working to achieve a goal like yours, you could form an alliance with those members and work together in achieving the goal.

Our hope is that your unique journey in achieving a goal by working hard, achieving milestones, overcoming challenges, and supported by member point of views will inspire someone else to attain a goal that they thought as out of reach for them. Your encouragement, wisdom, and solutions could be a catalyst for someone else.

If you are already a Goalore member, we thank you for your membership and support for our community. If you are not a member, we request you to join our community, invite your friends, and join us on many journeys in achieving goals and inspiring others.