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Who is your accountability buddy?

Why do we need an accountability buddy when chasing a goal – accountability buddy will help increase your odds of success. With day to day activities and competing priorities we tend to take the eye off our goal. Accountability buddy can help us stay focused and ensure our success.

Who is an accountability buddy ?

A close friend or trusted partner , someone you are comfortable with and share your goal and the journey. They can help motivate you to achieve goals. Their main purpose as an accountability buddy is to ensure focus and effort is directed towards achieving goal. When we embark on a challenging goal having someone to help you through your challenges is a good way to keep you motivated in the journey.

Sometimes goals can take several months to complete. In such instances, when we are in the middle of a goal journey, we could lose sight of the larger perspective and could get confused, resulting in self-doubt. Having someone with an outside perspective in those times help reinforce the importance of goal and the true progress made. Accountability buddy could be the accelerating agent in those instances.

How do you engage with your accountability buddy?

You can choose a friend/trusted partner to be your accountability buddy. You can be each other’s accountability buddy. Typically, the person you select as your accountability buddy should be someone who does not get offended if their recommendations or suggestions are not taken up by you. They are there to be the source of truth, and hold you accountable in your journey, while providing any kind of solution or suggestions along the way. You should treat your accountability buddy with respect; they are willing to spend their time to help you be successful, be mindful and respectful of that fact.

Engage an accountability buddy in your next goal journey and see the difference it makes! Goalore is designed for users to easily work with an accountability buddy. Your accountability buddy can choose to follow your goal and cheer you on, or you can form an alliance and work towards mutual success.