Dear Users, We are sad to announce Goalore is closing down. The app will be available until end of May. Please plan accordingly. Thank you for your support

Why Goalore?

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We all have goals, and everyone has a unique journey towards achieving these goals and face many challenges along the way. Our goals tracking app are constantly evolving throughout our life. Goals can be simple as learning a new hobby or complex as starting a new business. Goals could lose priority with daily responsibilities and whatever life may throw at us.

What if there is a support system which helps to visualize your goals and stay focused? An ecosystem to track, measure and collaborate on goals. That is exactly the reason why we created Goalore. Within Goalore, you can also form alliances with friends to work on common goals together. Interact with your goals and identify its challenges. Achieve your goals to improve your life and lives of others.


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Goalore is simple and easy to use app for managing your goals. You can customize your goals with milestones and challenges. You can keep your goals private or make them public when you are ready to share. Connect with your friends and get alerted they start a public goal. You can form alliances with friends to collaborate on common goals. Get reminders on upcoming goals, milestones, and challenges. Receive alerts when followers provide points of view to help your goals.

Goalore iOS and Android mobile app is available on the Apple app store and Google play store. They are 100% free to download and use. Setup is a breeze taking a minute to join and start using Goalore. Download today and take charge of your goals today!

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